Elijah by Earl Davis

The new album by Earl Davis “Elijah” is released on January 25, 2022.

Here’s what Earl says about his music.

Hi. My name is Earl Davis. I’m a musician based in New York. In fact, I was born and raised in New York City. I’m a singer/songwriter. When I started my music career I was interviewed for an article, I was asked what I want to achieve with my music? Without hesitation, I answered that I want to make music that heals the world. My career led me to many great opportunities. I became the frontman for a spinoff from Adam & the Ants in London called Friends of Jack. I recorded and toured with them which led to being featured on MTV Europe and MTV America. Eventually, I embarked on a solo career that took me to Rome where I recorded for Cresus Records. Once I returned to New York, I recorded and performed with the Earl Davis Band which shaped and revisited the initial approach I had to my music which was to heal. I took some time off from making music, but now I’m back to doing what I do best. I hope you come along with me on this beautiful journey.

To purchase the album, go to your favorite retailer like Amazon, Apple, Google, or anywhere else that sells music.

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